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Client Testimonials

See how real clients have benefitted...

Katy Phelan

was on the opposite coast from home in the throws of a deep emotional upset that lead to a relapse in the over use of alcohol. She came down with pneumonia and could not find the strength to get her medication let alone get on a plane and fly home. She was stuck.

Megan spent two straight days with her to make sure she could safely return home.
"I've discovered that in times of crisis I too easily turn to the substance when I need to turn to a friend.

Megan jumped right in. She gave off an air of non-judgement from the start and let me set my treatment plan, in consultation with my psychiatrist.

Megan's ability to listen with empathy is without compare.  I felt like I could tell her anything.  She never made me feel like I had done something wrong.  She also gave me time to be quiet and sleep, and made me feel safe with her loving presence. 

I'd highly recommend Megan to anyone, especially to those whose history is complicated by trauma.  She gets it.  She's also very holistic, and is open to talking about ways that yoga, meditation and bodywork can help. 

Megan's approach to recovery is tailored entirely to what the client wants.  I've never felt so supported in my life. 

I am so grateful that a colleague referred me to her."

Gregory H.

had been through a number of rehabs and loved being free from his methamphetamine abuse but he couldn't figure out how to keep his head above water once he got back home.

Megan met with him regularly to set goals and keep him motivated. She helped him organize his living area which was a huge source of stress, modify his diet to support the changes he was making, find patterns in his use that brought an awareness to associations, and find help for personal relationships that were stunting his ability to step into his own.
"I felt like I was beating my head against a wall every time I got out of rehab. I'd come home with a plan to make my life productive and drug-free then I'd walk in the door and back to my old habits. I couldn't figure out how to make that change.

Megan helped me actually do the practical things that I had learned I needed to do in rehab but drew a blank on in real life. Sometimes I knew what I should be doing, I just didn't know how to start or got overwhelmed. She helped me start by planning things step-by-step and making me feel good for accomplishing my goals. One example I always think about is from the very beginning when I couldn't manage to even start cleaning my apartment. We were sticking to a steady plan for cleaning up and I was feeling good about things so I did a little extra when she wasn't there. When she saw what I had done she let me know she was proud of me. Somehow I knew that she meant it because she didn't make me feel like a little kid.

It took me a while to get used to knowing I had someone I could be completely honest with and not be made to feel bad about it. I know I always have someone in my corner who's main concern is my best interest, health, and long-term happiness."